About - Landon Lacey Jewelry

Inspired: How I Developed My Line

I began making jewelry at 16 years old in 2002 when a mentor of mine - who is a fabulous artist in her own right - taught me how to make glass beads using a small torch and glass rods. I loved watching the glass melt into bright red globs as I formed the beads on my mandrel; however, when they cooled and hardened, they were less than beautiful. I still enjoyed learning how to string them together and made the most out of my "special" beads. I quickly learned that I loved the design process better than the manufacturing process, and began combining components to make pieces I could actually wear.

I took my jewelry hobby with me to college at Wake Forest in North Carolina where I fell in love with soft, southern pastels and pearls which I reflected in my jewelry. It was in college when I first began selling my work to friends and a few local boutiques.

After graduation, I moved to Thailand for a few years where I taught at a Thai school and volunteered in an orphanage (Agape Home). I fell in love with the delicate minimalism of the Thai style. I noticed how much attention to detail the Thai people poured into each piece of artwork, prepared meal, potted plant, and handmade bag. Everything they did had a natural balance - yin and yang. Their minimalism seemed effortless, so different from America. It was reflected in my jewelry. I began combining my pastels and pearls with delicate chains and minimal charms.

I returned from Thailand and eventually moved to Chicago - quiet a change! Again, I was inspired. Chicago is a city of architecture and art - sharp corners, edgy hipsters, posh bars, fast cars, and killer shopping. My jewelry went raw. I fell for rougher gemstones, sharper spikes, shinier gold, longer necklaces, and edgier designs.

What you see in my jewelry is a reflection of these three inspirational locations: North Carolina, Thailand and Chicago. Sometimes I wake up and feel like a southern girl, and my jewelry goes pastel. Other days I feel edgy and I grab for my raw druzy. Every day I feel delicate and minimal - a testament to the Thai that continues to resonate within me. I hope you enjoy taking home the pieces that are reflections of my inspirational travels, and that they find new meaning for you in your own adventures.

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